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Independent, objective & unbiased advice

In a world of rapidly changing information and a shifting economic environment, we provide independent and unbiased advice.  As a Certified Financial Planner with aligned professionals, we design an investment portfolio that aligns with your risk tolerance and time horizon.  Of course, as financial professionals, we place your interests first. 

Personal Accounts

Each client portfolio is constructed to incorporate effective asset allocation, superior portfolio management and independent research.  As an independent investment advisor we may choose from a multitude of custodians; after through research, we have selected TradePMR, Inc./1st Clearing, Inc., a division of Wells Fargo, as the primary custodian of our personal clients.   Notably, the firm was awarded the 2013 Technology of the Year Award by advisor technology colunmist Bill Winterberg. See the TradePMR brochure. Through our affiliation with TradePMR, Inc., one of the top tier firms committed to servicing independent registered investment advisors and their clients, we can select from thousands of money management solutions.  We believe we have partnered with the best of the best. 


When the economy is twisting and turning, you can't afford to leave your investments on cruise control. We are utilizing a proprietary investment method that combines portfolio diversification with active management, so our clients have the money they need for the lifestyle they want.

The past decade has been disastrous for both status quo investors and those who risk their money in hedge funds and alternative investments. Today, investors need a strategy that can produce excess returns while still minimizing the dangers of a volatile market. We believe can offer that by combining portfolio diversification with an active approach to asset allocation.

We respond to changing economic and market conditions by modifying our portfolios accordingly — first, to minimize risk to our clients’ assets, and second, to take advantage of opportunities to increase their returns. Instead of buying and holding a fixed allocation of asset classes, as practiced by status quo investment firms, we change the allocation of our portfolios in line with our top-down view of the global economy. 

This approach allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities and potentially earn extra returns, even in difficult markets. The industry calls our strategy “tactical asset allocation,” but we think it’s just plain common sense investing. 


Every successful road trip begins with a decision about speed versus safety. You could choose to floor your accelerator and drive at maximum speed. That would increase the chance that you'd arrive at your goal ahead of schedule... but it would also increase the odds that you'd crash and never reach your destination at all. The wise traveler knows how to find the right balance between speed and safety, risk and reward. 

The same is true of the wise investor. 

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Corporate Accounts 

We have been providing prudent investment advice to the trustees of corporate retirement accounts valued at over $100 million since 1984.  As a registered investment advisor we also counsel individual plan participants.  We take our job seriously as we are a co-fiduciary to the plan! We work with numerous custodians including Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Lincoln National. We partner with top tier third party record keepers so the plan will meet today’s stringent compliance regulations. And of course, our money management firms are top notch too. 

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