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lifeplanningLife Planning Issues 

Oftentimes clients have specific questions and concerns that don’t easily fit into a category. Some of the issues that we have assisted clients address are described below.
Employee Benefits and Company Retirement Plan Analysis

Many of our clients are self-employed. We can assist self-employed individuals in implementing and maintaining the right retirement plan for them. We work with most forms of qualified plans including SEPs (Simplified Employee Benefit plans), SIMPLE plans, solo 401(k) plans, profit sharing and defined benefit plans. For clients employed by a firm, we assist with decisions regarding their benefits such as life, health and disability insurance as well as their company sponsored retirement plan. 
Retirement Plan Withdrawals

Once a client has retired, they oftentimes need assistance in reviewing their cash flow needs and tax considerations as they start to utilize their assets. We can provide advice on tax-efficient cash flow strategies that incorporate our clients various sources of income and assets to achieve their goals in retirement.
Tax Planning and Review

While we do not prepare taxes, we can help clients understand the implications of withdrawing money from various accounts in addition to reviewing investment options that could reduce future taxes. We also may scan your return for inconsistencies, review your payroll withholdings, determine if you have fully used your tax deductions etc. 

Insurance Options
As you create wealth, it is very important to design a safety net for your family, your assets, your health and your legacy. We can assist clients in evaluating and/or purchasing the very best life, disability and long term care insurance, including a hybrid of the last two forms of insurance. We also assist in evaluating your current homeowners, auto, boat and umbrella insurance with you and your existing agent if adjustments are needed.
Estate Planning
While we are not attorneys, we work with numerous estate planners and trust companies that can guide you as you plan to distribute your wealth in a manner that aligns with your values. 

Charitable Giving
Many clients want to share or “give back” a portion of their wealth. Clients may want to establish a charitable foundation now or in the future. We may assist you in reviewing the various forms of trusts and understand the attendant investment options and tax advantages they afford.
Major Purchase Decisions
Decisions, decisions. Many clients are looking at a multitude of options whether it concerns purchasing or refinancing a home, an auto or a boat, an investment property or more. As your professional adviser, we understand your complete financial situation and can provide you with unbiased advice.
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